Gramatikos šperos

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Anglų kalbos leksikologijaExternal structure. Referential approach. Main types of word meaning. Denotational and conotational components. Emotive charge and stylistic reference. Change of lexical meaning. Specialization. Degradation and elevation. Superordinate. Hyponym. Synonym. Types of connotations. The dominant synonym. Homophone. Phraseological units. Skaityti daugiau
Teksto interpretacijos teorijaFeatures of the grammar of the text (categories of the text). Horizontal and vertical reading. Jacobson’s metaphoric and metonymic. The great chain of Narration. Textual ad contextual approach to literature. The understanding of implicitness. Point of view and focalisation. Types of Point of View. Multiple roles of the narrator. The problem of the author. Foregrounding and deviation. The language of the poetry (poetry vs. prose). Types of the narrative. Types and lexical and grammatical features of the narrative structure. Skaityti daugiau
The VerbalsAnglų kalbos gramatikos neasmenuojamųjų veiksmažodžio formų (the verbals) špera. Skaityti daugiau
VerbsDarbas anglų kalba. Veiksmažodžiai. Veiksmažodžių gramatinės kategorijos, klasifikacija. Laikai. The Verb. Grammatical categories. Finite and non-finite forms. Classification of verbs according to morphological structure. Classification of verbs according to the way they built. According to the syntactic function, verbs are divided into four groups. According to the lexical meaning verbs are divided into. Transitive verbs. Intransitive verbs. The formation of tenses. The use of the tenses. The Present Indefinite tense. The Present continuous tense. The Present Perfect tense. The Present Perfect Continuous tense. Skaityti daugiau