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Gramatikos kursiniai darbai

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Language testingFormal assessment. Placement tests. Achievement tests. Diagnostic tests. Proficiency tests. Types of objective tests. Multiple choice. Varieties of cloze procedure. Advice on creating cloze type passages. The C- Test. Dictation. Formal assessment of writing. Specifying all appropriate tasks and selecting a sample. Obtaining samples that properly represent each candidate’s ability. Obtaining reliable scoring of writing. This can be either holistic or analytic. Holistic or analytic? Formal assessment of speaking. Setting the tasks. Specifying all apropriate tasks. Advice on planning and conducting oral tests. Techniques not recommended. Obtaining valid and reliable scoring. Formal assessment of reading. Specifying what the candidate should be able to do. Practical advice on item writing. Formal assessment of listening. Specifying what the candidate should be able to do. Setting the tasks. Possible techniques. Informal assessment. Informal assessment of writing. Informal assessment of speaking. Informal assessment of reading. Informal assessment of listening. Results from informal assessment. Self-assessment. Foundations for self-assessment. Self-assessment of writing. Self-assessment of speaking. Oral self-assessment. Self-assessment of reading and listening. Learner training (reading). Learner trainer (listening). Progress questionnaires. Results from self-assessment. Introduction. Results from the reseach. References (11). Conclusion. Skaityti daugiau
Peculiarities of British and American English in spoken and written languageDarbas anglų kalba. Britų ir amerikiečių anglų kalbos skirtumai. Introduction. The diffusion of English. Australian English. South African English. New Zealand English. Caribbean English. South Asian English. British English. The history of British English. Old English. Middle English. Modern English. Variation in British English. American English. The history of American English. Variation in American English. The peculiarities of American and British English in written language. Lexical differences. Spelling differences. Grammar differences. Punctuation differences. The peculiarities of American and British English in spoken language. Stress differences. Pronunciation differences. Intonation pattern. Conclusions. Skaityti daugiau
The distribution of Attributive and Predicative Adjectives in News Register in EnglishDarbas anglų kalba. Būdvardžių tipų naudojimas angliškose naujienose. Introduction. Theory background. Predicative adjectives. Attributive adjectives. Other syntactic roles of adjectives. Adjectives as postposed modifiers. Adjectives as noun phrase heads. ANALYSIS. Analysis of Article 1. The analysis of Article 2. The analysis of Article 3. The analysis of Article 4. The analysis of Article 5. The analysis of Article 6. The analysis of Article 7. The analysis of Article 8. CONCLUSION. Skaityti daugiau