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Language problems


Darbas anglų kalba apie kalbos sutrikimus ir defektus. Introduction. The difference between language and speech. Speech and language development. Normal speech development. Main language problems. Couses of language problems. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) including Stroke. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Bilingualism. Cleft Palate. Dyslexia. Learning disability. Mental health. Stammering. Visual Impairment. Voice Disorders. How to improve educational and daily life? Conclusion.


Speech is the sound that comes out of our mouths. When it is not understood by others there is a problem. Speech problems, such as stuttering and mispronunciation can be very frustrating.
Language has to do with meanings, rather than sounds. Language is a measure of intelligence and language delays are more serious than speech problems.
Language delay is when a child’s language is developing in the right sequence, but at a slower rate. Speech and language disorder describes abnormal language development. Delayed speech or language development is the most common developmental problem. It affects 5-10 percent of preschool kids.

Both children and adults may have communication problems. Sometimes the reason has been identified but on many occasions - especially where children are concerned - it may not be easy for the family and school to name the problem or identify its cause.

It is very important to notice that child has language problems as soon as possible. This is the issue not only of parents, but it is also very important in behavior of teachers and other society members that effects youngster.. In this topic we will discus:
• What language problems might be;
• What are the reasons of that problems ;
• How to solve that problems ;
• How to act with the children who has these kind of problems. ...

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