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Importance of Communication at Tele2


Darbas anglų kalba. Komunikacijos ir įvaizdžio formavimas organizacijoje. Introduction. Communication and image. Communication. Formal communication in organization. Informal communication in organization. Image. Communication means of service providers and users. The main means of communication. Private Sale. Direct response. Television Advertising. Radio Advertising. Outdoor advertising. Secondary advertising means. Public Relations. More sophisticated means of communication. Communication goals in different services consumption phases. Before consumptions. Using services. After the service consumer. Tele2 corporate communication and image formation. About Tele2. Tele2 market and competition. Tele2 image formation. Tele2 target market. Tele2 swot analysis. Conclusions.


With the development in the new socio - economic structure, accents in conventional mutual relations is changing, new priorities develops. If a company or organization is generally able to adapt to new economic relations and develop a successful business, with great satisfaction we can say that those leaders of these companies or organizations embraced the need to develop the company image, i.e. distinguish from many similar ones, to make the company more aware, gain a reputation. To implement all this company needs to have good communication management. Leaders try to draw attention to specific groups of investors, shareholders, partners, customers and other vital sectors of society.
If we would like to emphasize the importance of communication in organizations existence, it could be said that communication is the life blood of the organization. Inefficiency or lack of communication organization responds very badly. After all, the organization is created from people working together and seeking some purposes. Their quality of work and the results are highly dependent on the smooth and positive communication process in organization.
Marketing communication is not a simple method of dissemination where information is exchanged between a sender and recipient. Marketing communication, whatever its nature - a process which requires the audience reached, it is the transmission of information to a properly selected communication channels in due course. From appropriate communication with customers depends on the organization's profitability and success in the market.
Today's image-building and governance issues are very relevant to only to public relations, marketing, management specialist but also within organizations and their leaders. For this reason, choosing a company Tele2 and general discussed of its activities, we will try to analyze the means and forms of communication going on between the company and its clients, also how the telecommunications company is forming its image.
The paper's goal - to present, discuss and assess the organization's communication and the importance of image building and techniques to assess what is the essence of the company's image and key areas of its formation.
We raised the following objectives: to explore the theoretical material, including communication and image-making in organization, based on this material analyze chosen organization of Tele2 and its formation of the image.

Communication is understood as a process in which the people transmitting the symbolic messages try to share meanings and senses. In other words, communication is a transmission and reception process.
Communication is very important in each organization. Communication - one of the necessary conditions for organization life, if there is the absence of effective communication between parts, organization would not serve very well not anyone's needs.
Corporate Communication - the process by which the identity of the company reflect the corporate image building. Corporate Communication brings together virtually everything what is transmitted from the level of managerial to personnel and what reflects the company in external environment. All companies should be aware to identify what are its objectives and especially what is the company vision and mission. The company, controlling the transfer of messages that inform the public about what it is, what it does and how it does it, and thereby reduce the discrepancy between its profiled identity and the public to obtain the image.
Given the fact that the leader dealing and providing way of solutions, creates most needed information for other members and leader is one of the most important centers of communication organization. For this reason, the supervisor must be able to operate effectively as an information source and the transferor, and as a maker of consumer information. So communication is important for leaders because of 3 reasons ...

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