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Crisis communications


Darbas anglų kalba. Viešieji ryšiai: krizės komunikacija. Introduction. Brief definition of public relations. The need for public relations (PR). Public relations and business. Financial public relations. Distribution of financial information. Definition of a crisis and crisis communications. Crisis management in terms of public relations (PR). Pre-crisis phase. Crisis response. Post-crisis phase. Conclusion.


The nature and scope of public relations are difficult to categorize. People tend to supply their own meanings to the term, interpreting its functions according to their own experiences and biases. The title itself is used indiscriminately, the duties encompassed by the practice are expanding, and the many uninformed criticisms often obscure the true role of public relations.
Although many observers would deny the status of "profession" to public relations, claiming it doesn't meet the usual professional requirements of a specific body of knowledge, a unified set of standards, and an appropriate testing procedure, there are those who would contend that PR, properly practiced, is a profession, demanding as many skills and insights as most other professions. Increasing academic attention to public relations courses and degrees, the existence of a Code of Conduct, and the promotion of accreditation procedures seem, to these adherents, to meet professional qualifications. They point out that the practice can have a positive effect on society by presenting a deeper view of various social entities. Public relations can calm dissidents, squelch harmful rumors, promote decent health habit, argue for safety, or abet progressive political notions. It can be rewarding to the practitioner, essential to the manager, efficient for the consumer. ...

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