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Semantic features of adjectives in Afro-American speeches


Darbas anglų kalba. Semantiniai būdvardžių bruožai afro-amerikiečių kalbose. Introduction. The objective of this course paper is to discuss the semantic features of adjectives in Afro-American speeches. Theory. Analysis. Methodology. Research. Conclusions. Appendixes (14 p.).


The objective of this course paper is to discuss the semantic features of adjectives in Afro-American speeches. The circumstances of choosing the Black American speakers were not random. Both speakers are members of the same ethnic group and either of them talk about their situation in America of the day. Both of them are unfabled. The first speaker lives at the beginning of the 20th century (about 1906s). She tells about black people’s life at that point. The second speaker is contemporary politician in the USA. He lives in a society that has already changed substantially therefore his attitudes differ from the first speaker’s attitudes. These speeches form the corpus of this course paper. The length of the corpus is 6,001 words and 33,616 characters overall. Both of the speeches are available in Appendix at the end of the paper. All adjectives are highlighted in bold and capital letters of other type and color.
The purpose of the current course paper is to analyze different types and uses of adjectives in the selected corpus. The main aims of this work are: to count all adjectives in the corpus; to group all adjectives according to their semantic category; to compare the statistical data of the adjectives; to try to reveal the significance of the adjectives in the contexts of the speeches. This work is both descriptive and comparative. It explains the role of adjectives in written discourse and the point of comparison shows how adjectives help to achieve the goals that the speakers wanted to achieve.
Both speakers use adjectives whose connotation differs particularly. To indicate this contrast, the adjectives were chosen as the object of this research. They are one of the best modifiers of emotions, opinion, attitudes, state of mind etc.
Adjectives tell us more about a noun or pronoun. They describe feelings and qualities, age, size and measurement, color, material, express a judgement or a value. The authors of the written or spoken word frequently employ the adjectives when they either have not, or are afraid they have not, provided sufficient data - specific nouns and active verbs - to get their ideas across.
All adjectives belong to one of two semantic categories, i.e. they are either descriptors or classifiers. This means that they have two different types of meaning.
The hypothesis states that classifiers are more common in political discourse than descriptors. Two speeches that form the corpus of the current course paper are of the political complexion. They give information and are supposed to influence the opinion of the audience.
Although political speeches employ all the word classes, this course paper concentrates on analyzing only one of them, i.e. the adjectives. ...

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