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Thailand interior style


Darbas anglų kalba. Tailando interjero stilius. Introduction. Thai house. Mid-style home in Thailand. Northern Thailand style. North East Thailand style. Southern Thailand, home style. Traditional Thai kitchen. Traditional use of home. Windows. Interiors. Color.


Interior design - most sensitive part of the living environment that reflects your tastes, character, dreams. Home interior design should be developed carefully, with love, that they would be nice to feel good after a hard day. House is the resting place, which should hover in a good mood. Therefore, the choice of interior design should take into account the range of colors, texture, materials, furniture, curtains, accessories, without forgetting the originality and style.
Nowadays, select the interior design styles. However, the style of the telling is Thailand style interior. The aim of this to find information about Thailand, interior design, and understand the unique characteristics of what I can create the right interior of your client.
I believe that this information will provide an excellent starting point for knowledge of oriental culture and to contribute to their homes and lives.
Thailand-an excellent opportunity to learn the unique culture that has long been acknowledged for its decorative artists at work (which is reflected in China, India, Malaysia and other countries decorating experience), the region's architectural examples of the materials used in the construction of identity, shades and textures, as well as practical solutions. All the architects of the past in Thailand have a population of distinctive architectural and decorative style. ...

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