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History of Scotland


PowerPoint pristatymas anglų kalba. Intro to Scottish History. Škotijos istorija. Intro. Interpreting Medieval Scotland. Defining Scotland. Completing Scotland. Political Structure: Kingship. The "Normanisation" of Scotland? Military and Administrative Power. Abbeys and Burghs. Scoto-Norman Hybridity.


13 Nov. 1093: Battle of Alnwick: Death of King Máel Coluim Ceann Mór [King Malcolm III] & son Edward.
9 Sept. 1513: Battle of Flodden: Death of King James IV: 1 archbishop; 2 bishops; 2 abbots; 9 earls; 14 Lords.

Pessimistic: ‘Scotland was far removed from the mainstream of civilisation. Great formative forces reached her relatively late and with diminished vigour. Moreover, these forces had, in most cases, enriched the life of England before they reached Scotland’. J.D. Mackie, History of Scotland, (1964), p. 11.
Optimistic: ‘…. a remarkably positive, confident, and successful kingdom’, J. Wormald, Scotland: A History (2005), xx. ...

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