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The European Central Bank independence. The case of European central bankDarbas anglų kalba. Centrinis Europos bankas. Contents. Introduction. European Central Bank. Goals and instruments. Objectives. Tasks. Organisational structure. European system of central banks. Staff and staff relations. European Central Bank (ECB) institutional status. The independence of the European Central Bank (ECB). Institutional independence. Legal independence. Personal independence. Executive board. NCB governors. Other members of the governing bodies of the NCBS. Personnel. Functional and operational independence. Financial and organisational independence. Own finances. Scrutiny by the court of auditors. European Central Bank (ECB) accountability. Freedom of action for ECB. Skaityti daugiau
The Evolution of Management Thought – from the Industrial Revolution to the Present DayDarbas anglų kalba iš vadybos istorijos sferos. Introduction – Industrial revolution. Classical approaches of management thought. Scientific management. Administrative management. Bureaucratic management. Human relations management. Modern approaches of management thought. Systems theory. Contingency theory. Total quality management (TQM). Organisational culture. Conclusions. Skaityti daugiau
The folk medicineDarbas anglų kalba apie liaudies mediciną. The folk medicine. Thermotherapy. Irrational therapy. Lithuanian folks medicine today. Skaityti daugiau
The global environmentDarbas anglų kalba. Globali aplinka. Globalių įmonių strateginė orientacija. Globali pramonė, rinkos reikalavimai ir produkto charakteristika. Licenzijavimas, frančizė, subsidijavimas. Introduction. Why firms globalize. Exhibit 1 reasons for going global. Strategic orientations of global firms. Exhibit 2 strategic orientations of global firms. Complexity of the global environment. Control problems of the global. Global strategic planning. Multidomestic industries. Global industries. Market requirements and product characteristics. Exhibit 3 global strategy in action. Competitive strategies for firms in foreign markets. Niche market exporting. Licensing and contract manufacturing. Franchising. Joint ventures. Foreign branching. Equity investment. Wholly owned subsidiaries. Conclusion. Skaityti daugiau
The Hanging Gardens of BabylonReferatas apie kabančius Babilono sodus. One of the most interesting world Wonders, Nebuchadnezzar - the builder of the gardens, exotic wonderful plants, impressive example of architecture, the technology of the Babylon Gardens’. Skaityti daugiau
The impact of the New Economic Policy for Russian Economy in 1920sDarbas anglų kalba. The impact of the New Economic Policy for Russian Economy in 1920s. Introduction. Advantages of tax in kind. Encouragement to increase land exploitation. Hired labour and lease of land. Development of Russian industry during the NEP. Revival of small-scale trade. Advantages and disadvantages of the NEP for the working class. Emission of new currency. Development of democracy in Russia. Gaps between the rural and urban trade. Russia’s transition into capitalist country. Disproportion of rural-urban development. Unemployment and social inequality problems. Conclusion. Appendix. Skaityti daugiau
The importance of marketing in business todaySummary. Introduction. The importance of the marketing in business today. Marketing plan. Conclusions. Recommendations. Appendices. Skaityti daugiau
The Information SocietyDarbas anglų kalba apie informacinę visuomenę. The Information Society. Skaityti daugiau
The Jamaican economyGeographical location of Jamaica. Exports and imports of Jamaica. Reggae music. Early Jamaican music. Skaityti daugiau
The kinematical and dynamical investigation of the jaw crumb machineDarbas anglų kalba. Introduction. Structural analysis of linkage. Mechanism synthesis. Kinematic synthesis of linkage. Defining crank angular Velocity. Defining mechanism performances. Preparing data for calculations by pc Input data for four-bar mechanism. Dynamic analysis and synthesis of machine. Objectives and methodology. Description. Kinematic analysis of linkage. Objectives and methodology. Description. Linkage force analysis. Objectives and methodology. Skaityti daugiau
The Labour MarketDarbas anglų kalba. Darbo rinka. Contents. Introduction. Labour Unions are Established. Strikes and lockouts. The Functionaries are Coming. The Public Sector. The Rights of Employees. Wage Settlements in Practice. Wage Growth and Competitiveness. Skaityti daugiau
The Life and Works of Daniel DefoeLiteratūros referatas, parašytas anglų kalba. Danielio Defoe gyvenimas ir kūryba. Skaityti daugiau
The national stock exchange of Lithuania (NSEL)The introduction to the stock exchange and a brief survey of its development and achievements. The capital market. A stock exchange. The main peculiarities of the stock exchange trading. Factors which determine future development of the national stock exchange. The liability of investigate violations at the stock market. The functions of a financial broker. Treasury bills (T-bills). The main price indicators of the securities market. The information system of the NSEL. Official Listing at the NSEL. Summary. Vocabulary. Skaityti daugiau
The nominalizations in scientific discourse of scientific textsDarbas anglų kalba. Mokslinis požiūris į nominalizaciją per mokslinius tekstus. Introduction. The derivation of nominalizations. Nominalizations derived from verbs. Material suffixation. Zero derivations. Nominalizations derived from adjectives. Nominalizations derived from nouns. Semantic features of nominalizations derived from verbs. Material nominalizations. Happening nominalizations. Mental nominalizations. Verbal nominalizations. Relational nominalizations. Existential nominalizatios. Textual functions of nominalizations. Thematic nominalizations. Concluson. Skaityti daugiau
The Peculiarities of New Zealand EnglishDarbas anglų kalba apie Naujosios Zelandijos anglų kalbos ypatumus. Introduction. The Peculiarities of New Zealand English. Phonological Peculiarities. Grammatical Peculiarities. Lexical Peculiarities. Conclusion. References. Skaityti daugiau
The Political System of the USADarbas anglų kalba apie JAV politinę sistemą. The flag. The coat of arms. The nick name. The constitution of the USA. The legislative branch. The Congress in work. Lobbyists. The executive branch. Inauguration. The major political parties. Judiciary. Skaityti daugiau
The Relationships Between Teachers And PupilsIntroduction. The relationship between teachers and pupils. The principles of teacher’s behavior with pupils. Mission of teacher. The needs of young people with emotional and behavioral difficulties (ebd). Rules. Everyday school rules. Rules between teachers and pupils. School pupils should behave better in future. Conclusion. Skaityti daugiau
The Royal Botanical gardens at KewReferatas apie botanikos sodus Kew, Richmond, Londonas (anglų kalba). The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. The Gardens zones. The special trees at Kew. The three wonderful spots at Kew. The beauty of Kew. Vocabulary. Skaityti daugiau
The Synopsis on Change ManagementRinkodaros darbas anglų kalba. Change Management. The Nature of Organizational Change. Forces of Change. Motivation for Change. Planned versus Reactive Change. Implementing the Changes. The Lewin Model. An Expanded Change model by Greiner. Managing Resistance to Change. Managing Resistance to Change. Overcoming Resistance. Organizational Development. A General OD Model. Evaluating Changes. Skaityti daugiau
The soil pollutionDarbas anglų kalba. Ekologinės dirvožemio problemos. The main means to prevent the soil pollution. Summary. Glossary. Skaityti daugiau